XFX8800Ultra Black Screen


Jun 29, 2009
Hi there, I'm asking for a friend who has an XFX 8800 Ultra.

We've been playing COD5 together and he's running into problems.
His screen randomly gos black sometimes. The computer is still on judging by the lights but theres nothing on his screen, he can't alt tab or anything. He has to restart his computer.

He has a Intel Q8400 processor
Asus P5Q motherboard, Corsair HX750W PSU, Western Digital Caviar Black HD and his processor temps are usually under 40 even under load.

The video card temp is pretty hot but I heard that 60-80 is normal for a 8800 Ultra.

His video card driver is 186.18

Anyone have any suggestions? Should he change driver to an older one? Or is it some hardware problems?
Unfortunately, this is not likely to be a driver issue.

First suspect for me is heat shutdown. When someone says a Q8400 usually runs under 40 even under load . . . well, I suspect a casual rather than rigorous look at temps.

Get some good temps after gaming a while, perhaps CPUID Hardware Monitor which will record the high cpu and gpu temperatures during a successful gaming session.

Swap video cards (you and your friend), and see if the results are the same or different for both of you.

That should give us the answer.