XG Viper 2 case sufficient for the ATI Radeon 5970?


Apr 16, 2010
I saw another thread on asking about the ATI Radeon 5970 fitting into a Cooler Master HAF 922, which is a pretty huge case. The XG Viper 2 has considerably smaller dimensions all around compared to the HAF 922. So I was wondering would the card still fit? Or am I going to have some problems all around size-wise with the PSU too?
The XG Viper 2 cases is 21.3 inchesin length from front to back. part of the length is used up by the large door on the front bezel. There's quite an extension at the botoom front. In addition, the lower drive cage is oriented from front to back. That doesn't leave enough space for extra long video cards like the ATI radeon HD 5970 which is 12 inches long. The card will not fit. It is one of the longest cards made.

There is another problem. The case only comes with one 120mm fan mounted at the bottom front and one 80mm fan mounted on the rear panel. In addition the front bezel with the door restricts airflow. Competent technical reviews of the case confirm that temperatures will warm up quickly. The case is all show and no performance. You're going to need it

You would be better off getting a gaming case that can accomodate the 5970. A good choice would be the Coolermaster HAF 932. I have one. It is a huge beast. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. Technical reviews are all very favorable.

If you don't like the HAF 932, then look for a case that is as close as possible to 24 inches in length from front to back and at least 8 inches wide. The 8 inch width is to accomodate a tall, tower style cpu heatsink and a fan on the side panel.