Xigmatec S1283 vs S963 with other fan


Dec 26, 2008
Hello together I've been reading a lot in the internet about the Xigmatec s1283 and his excellent cooling performance.
Somewhere I've read that it is the same cooler as the S963 the only difference is the 120mm fan.

In my country the price for the S1283 is 52.-(chf) and the s963 costs only 39.-(chf).

I've thought it could make sence to buy the S963 togethet with a Scythe Ultra Kaze DFS123812H-3000 - 120mm (3000 turns and 133,60 CFM) this would cost 60.- and should get e better cooling performance then the s1283 right?
The fan of s963 would be used as a exhaust fan for the pc case.

Im not sure if the cythe Ultra Kaze is the right fan... (since it could be weigh to loud) but my main question is if the s963 with another fan can reach equal/higher cooling performance.

Thank you for your Help.

Kind regards Erdinger