Xigmatek Asgard


Jul 3, 2010
Does anyone have a Xigmatek Asgard? I just purchased a system with one and it came with only 1 front cooling fan installed. On Xigmatek website, it says a rear and side fan is available? Does this mean, the case should come with an extra 2 fans or does it mean the case supports extra fans on the rear and side?
And also,
if i were to purchase the extra 2 fans for the rear and side, should these 2 fans be sucking air into the case or expelling hot air out of the case?


Oct 6, 2009
I don't have one personally but I would have thought that 'available' would mean not included but it's possible if you want to pay more ;)

Your rear fan mounted at the top of the case would be better off expelling hot air to the outside. With this setup, your front fan is sucking cool air into the case from the bottom. This air then heats up and rises where it is then exhausted through the back by your rear fan. This keeps a good even airflow through your case.

There is a lot of debate over side fans and the best way to mount them. Personally, I tend not to bother with them since I think they can interfere with your general bottom/front to top/rear airflow. However this is just me. They can be useful if you want to 'spot-cool' a particular component such as your CPU and this can be achieved by having an intake fan mounted on the side panel. If you wanted to minimise the impact on your general airflow then a 'tunnel' for your fan might be a good investment.

If you want more information on keeping your system cool have a nose through my guide linked to in my sig. You'll have to scroll down since I've posted another link after the old one got removed. Good luck!


Jun 27, 2010
It means that there are slots for fans. The side fan should be sucking air into the case, the fan at the rear - blowing out of the case.

Edit: Well, as moody89 wrote, it's a matter of opinion how you mount the side fans.

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