Xigmatek S1283 installation


Mar 23, 2008
After quite a bit of debating about whether or not to wait for the new S1284 or getting the Red Scorpion edition, I decided to just go ahead and get an S1283 to replace my stock Intel cooler; it's a better cooler according to the benchmarks and it's not worth worrying about the fact the RS or Achilles looks better since my EVGA board puts the CPU so high up in the case.

I don't intend to overclock the CPU (currently) and the motherboard (as well as everything else) is already installed. However, I'm in Texas and occasionally the room where the computer is gets much warmer than I'd prefer, so I'm doing a little extra cooling just to make myself feel better. I'm not much of a tinkerer when it comes to computers and I really, really don't want to pull the motherboard to install the new heatsink. I've heard distinctly mixed reviews on the mount with the S1283 though, so I'm a little concerned that I'm risking some damage to the motherboard if I don't go ahead and take everything apart to mount the cooler on an aftermarket bracket.

Has anyone put in the Xigmatek heatsink using the stock pins? How did it turn out?

For that matter, any suggestions on the best way to pull the motherboard (if necessary) without having to take the entire rig apart and redo everything? My case is an Antec 900 and the motherboard is an EVGA 780i.
Bah to looks, its all about performance

It not a extremely heavy cooler so the pins it includes should be ok.

I have a freezer 7 pro(only 80 grams less weight) and its solid with the pins. If you are transporting(long distances over bumpy dirt roads, but thats why you lay it on the side with the mb side down:) ) the computer all the time i could see it being an issue, but in your case it should be fine.

Just make sure the pins go in right and it should be locked into place.

I do prefer the bolt down system but the freezer has been solid for a long time without any problems.


Dec 5, 2008
I hope this is still an active post.

I just got my EVGA 780i SLI mobo, and I am installing the Intel 775 E8400 and all this is going into my Antec 900 Case

I am hoping to buy my CPU cooler today or tommorow, Which one in your opinons should I purchase;

XIGMATEK HDT-S1284 Or Sunbeam Core Contact

But will these FIT into my case/mobo? also, If i was to order the "XIGMATEK HDT-S1284" do i NEED to get the special retaining clip also? thanks all