News Xilinx Starts Sampling 7nm Versal FPGA


The DSP capabilities have been “significantly upgraded,” and now supports floating-point operations. In numbers, it has up to 29 TOPS INT8 throughput, but this quadruples with INT4 and quadruples again with INT2, and doubles to almost 1 TOPS of INT1 performance.
The last one should be "almost 1 POPS" (short for Peta-Ops Per Second). Yes, it sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that these are probably just the most simple logic operations.

BTW, I've never heard anyone talk about INT1 - usually, it's referred to simply as bit-wise operations. I guess if they have a 1-bit add w/ carry, that would qualify it as something more than bit-wise. But, I rather doubt it.