May 30, 2010
i used Partition Magic 8 on my laptop, Windows XP pro SP3.

i made a new partition, pplied changes.
then rebooted, changes being applied by PM during reboot.
while on process, my laptop rebooted knowing the process was successful.
but as soon as the windows xp loading screen it crashes and gives the errors:

xmnt2002 prgram not found - skipping Autocheck
autochck program not found - skipping Autocheck

i searched over the net and some say by editing the registry can solve this. but their instructions clearly says "click menu>Run> then type regedit" those cannot help me because my system does no boot up. and keeps on rebooting.

i tried using window recovery console but i can't do anything because there are certain commands that the recovery console can recognize. i can't run the regedit.exe nor the msconfig.exe in the system root.

i tried windows advanced option menu:
-Last Known Good Configuration
but still fails, but i have notice up crash the error only displayed
-autochck program not found - skipping Autocheck

anyone can help me resolve this trouble PM8 have caused me? thanks!?

oh yeah, i just ignored to create the rescue disks PM8 offered. T_T

Additional info: i notice that the letter or my primary drive was changed after i ran PM8. my primary partition has the label "C:\" and named "Primary" previously but and i have a back up partition "D:\" and name "backup" after the PM rebooted my system my primary partition had become "E:\" and now it's name was changed to "PowerQuest" and my backup partition had become "c:\"

You should not have installed non microsoft software into your computer, especially to re arrange the partitions, live and learn I guess.
There are many scam software packages offered on the internet and you have most likely been scammed.
Now what you can hope for is to recover your personal files, reformat your drive and re install your operating system. You should make an effort to recover your personal files before doing anything else, you should not download anything else to "clean" or "fix" your system from the internet.
do you have:
the original XP operating system disk? the manufacturer's driver disk that came with the computer? The disks with your printer drivers?
Do you have access to another PC computer with XP installed?
Have you made any previous back ups of your personal files?
If you do not have any of the above, you are better off having a technician recover your personal files.
If you do have access to another computer with XP installed:
Remove the infected drive and install it as a second drive in the functional XP computer
Copy and back up your personal files from the bad drive with the second computer, this is very important.
Reformat the drive and make a clean install of XP, load your motherboard and printer drivers, put your personal files back on the drive.
In the future, only use software which is signed by microsoft, and do not attempt to modify your drive or operating system with third party software.


May 30, 2010
well, yeah i guess i have to fresh install my OS again since i cannot boot nor back up my files. i have to recover those files and see what i can get the most out from those what i can recover, thanks. you're the only one replied.. and my patience is at wits end. XD
I really feel for those people who have their systems crashed by junk software, but I see it all the time. Recovering files with second functional computer, reformatting and reinstalling OS is not that difficult although time consuming. It works almost every time. I take a deep breath every time I do it, and the problem is solved, computer back to normal in about 1 day or less, it is doable, so try not to be too depressed over it. I wish you luck and success.
You might consider buying a new drive, installing your OS on the new drive, installing the bad drive as a second drive, drag your files from the bad drive on to the new drive.
That way you could unplug leave behind any possible contamination left on the bad drive, not a bad idea. Think of it as a fresh start. Think of how much faster and better the system will run with all the crud cleaned out.
I also suggest leaving the OS automatic updates turned off permanently. The updates have been causing havoc in a lot of systems too.