Question XMP and RAM problems ?


ive just updated my bios
Reason for that was?

im trying to enable xmp on my Asrock 450m but when i click on the profile and "save and exit" my pc wont boot up ?
Did the XMP held prior to BIOS update?

has anyone had this problem before?
Relatively common issue where XMP doesn't work. In this case, you have to manually OC your RAM, rather than using the shortcut called XMP. Just read the timings and voltage from RAM specs and enter them manually into BIOS. If OC doesn't hold, loosen the timings, increase very slightly the voltage or reduce frequency a bit. Rinse and repeat until you get it stable. It may not be 3200 Mhz, it may be 2933 Mhz or even 2667 Mhz.