Mar 15, 2021
Hi guys
i need help with my pc.
i have

Ryzen 3700X
MSI X570 gaming plus
RAM 16GB (2x8) 3200

My pc gives me blue screen sometimes or freezes othertimes when enabling XMP on dual channel, but on single channel it's working just fine and i even can overclock the sticks to 3600 or higher.

  • I tried overclocking the sticks on dual channel manually from 2666 to 3200 not booting with 1.450v.
  • I've tried 4 different stick kits 2 of them were g.skill and 1 is corsair and now im using TEAM FORCE.
  • i've tried everything on the software side like bios update or cmos reset.
  • i have no bent cpu pins.

So what to do ?

Even if i have to replace the MB or the CPU I don't even know what part does is causing the problem so i can change it ?
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Mar 15, 2021
You have 3200 MHz RAM and can run on Ryzen at that speed without any Overclocking by default. Why are you OC'ing beyond the rated memory frequency? Also, you are technically NOT supposed to overclock beyond that rating.
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