May 18, 2023
Hello everyone, i owned corsair vengence 2x8gb 3200mhz cl 16 ramsticks, runnin xmp profile 1 at 3200 mhz getting dram freq. 1600 mhz. Now I bought 2 more exactly same ramsticks and add to my pc, im using MSI MPG z490 gaming edge wifi, which supports xmp profile 2 and my ramsticks. BUT , the xmp profile 2 is grayed out! and i cant enable it, seems like 4 ramsticks on xmp profile 1 is costing me performance, since i got signature fps drops when i added 4x8gb running xmp profile 1 at 3200mhz getting dram freq. 1600 mhz.
Can anyone tell me why xmp profile 1 is grayed out and what did i do wrong.


i7 10700k
rtx 3090ti
msi mpg z490 gaming edge wifi
4x8gb DDR4 3200mhz cl16 corsair vengence
gigabyte 1000w
windows 11
(updated bios to the latest, compatibility check via email directly to msi)


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

For the sake of relevance, can you please state the BIOS version at this moment of time?

If you multiply 1600MHz by 2, you get 3200MHz, your ram is running as it should be what limited info you've provided. Usually people include a link to the ram kit and a couple of screenshots of CPU-Z.

As for the rams you picked up, might want to take note of the PCB revisions for both kits of ram(the one purchased first and the one purchased later). See if they are different.
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I have feeling Zerk2012 is most likely correct, however I have 2 kits of 8Gig (2x4gig kits) made by Teamgroup Elite both kits are DDR4 2400 Cl16-16-16-39 1.2v (TPRD44G2400HC16BK)

One kit has Hynix IC's the other kit has SpecTek Incorporated IC's

anyway I digress

Both those kits are single ranked ram

With all four sticks installed and running at 2400Mhz 1.2v cl16 they have worked together since this PC was built back in 2017 with an R5 1600 CPU not once has this PC had an issue with them.

In fact they even would overclock and run at 3000mhz with the R5 1600 CPU and 3200mhz and with my current R5 5600 CPU
And that's with all 4 slots used and sticks not matched kits of Ram and only at 1.2v !!

I'm so impressed with Teamgroups cheap ram from back in 2017 I'm keeping them even though I don't have another PC to use them in lol

But they are not XMP rated ram, they are just cheap ram with heat spreaders

So it might be XMP that does not liked Mixed kits?

Put it this way if i put 1 of those kits in my PC with the Corsair 3200 XMP which are dual ranked 32 gig kit (2x16gig) giving me 40 gig in total XMP is not available but oddly they still work together and hit 3200Mhz but at 1.35v cl22 manually setting them

That just about goes against every recommendation in the book and mostly highly illegal!!! work that out ?
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