Question XMP profile caused boot error after 7 months of working

Nov 20, 2022
Hello! In December of 2021, I upgraded to an Asus Z690 Wifi DDR4 motherboard along with an Intel i5-12600k CPU, after installation I have had a boot problem where my PC only boots after turning the power supply on/off with the switch on the back of the case, my computer also immediately reboots after shutting down through windows, I tried to solve the problem with different reccomended methods like turning Fast boot off in the BIOS but with no success so I’ve ignored the problem since then and I’m hoping that it isn’t a problem but thought I would note it just incase someone thinks it could relate to my current problem.

Recently, with my Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3733mhz(advertised) memory running in my PC with no errors for 7 months with the XMP profile enabled, I booted my PC up and received an error stating that the memory overclock settings I had enabled were unstable and couldn’t be run. I have messed with voltages and different overclock settings changing the base speed rather than enabling the XMP profile. I am not very experienced but have ran my pc with XMP profile enabled for years with this ram on my old motherboard and the new and have experienced no problems.

I am not sure why the memory all of a sudden wouldnt run at a speed above the base clock(2133 mhz) but was hoping someone would be able to tell me, if maybe a stick became defective or something like that. Also I currently have 4 sticks all 8gb at the speed listed above if that matters.

Thank you!


It's possible a stick has suffered a ball coming loose, it's not that uncommon with balls that undergo multiple heat cycles, getting hot, then cold, then hot etc. Metal does expand and contract minutely with temperature shifts and solder as small as those balls is no exception.

You'd need to (this sucks with 4x stick packs) run memtest64 on single sticks, pairs of sticks, upto all 4x sticks etc to see if one pops an error for several possible hours per test. If one does, it's highly likely your ram has a lifetime warranty, at which point you'd need to contact Corsair and send the complete kit back.