Question XMP Profile, Smart Fan settings reverts back to default on PC shutdown - Ryzen 7 3700x, Gigabyte x570 Gaming X, Trident Z

Jan 14, 2020
This is my very 1st budget gaming PC build. Not at all into overclocking and other geeky stuff about extracting more juice from PC components. But being a follower of LTT, RFP, Pauls Hardware and other PC build videos managed to build this dream setup. The main components I have assembled are as below -
i. Ryzen 7 3700X(with stock wraith RGB cooler since am not overclocking CPU)
ii. Gigabyte X570 Gaming X
iii. G.Skill Tridentz F4-3200C16D 16GTZR 8x2GB (2nd and 4th slot)
iv. MSI RX5700 XT Evoke
v. Corsair MP510 480GB
vi. Corsair RM750 PSU
Havent tried updating the BIOS and everything else is in default setting. Only changes I am doing are enabling XMP profile inside Advanced Memory Settings, enabling Fan failure alerts in Smart Fan. With these changes saved as a profile or simply saving and proceeding with windows boot CPU-Z shows DRAM frequency at 1596MHz, dual channel which means XMP profile is working. If I restart or shut down my system but keep the power to PSU on, BIOS settings remain unchanged and CPU-Z shows 3200MHz. Problem starts when I shut down and turn off power. Next time I hit the power button PC wont boot to windows directly before restarting multiple times with blank display. And when windows is finally on which is the case after 30 secs CPU-Z shows DRAM frequency to be 1064.5MHz sharp everytime, RAM speed drops to 2133MHz. Going back into BIOS welcomes me with the message "BIOS has been reset. Please set configurations .......bla bla bla". This looks like a CMOS battery issue but I think that would have messed up the system date time settings as well which isnt my case. Even then I am an amateur so please correct me if I am wrong. The dealer asked me to bring back the motherboard or change the CMOS battery. Its been a month since I built this and I request expert advice from this forum before I rip apart my system all over again.
Hey there,

Well, just to start. I wouldn't class your PC as 'budget' :)

Yes, all of these things point to the CMOS battery, or perhaps a bad bios update. When i say bad bios update, I mean it's possible you just need to do a CMOS clear after updating the bios ( I know you said you hadn't done the bios). So you can try the CMOS clear, see if that works. Instructions will be in your manual for the mobo on how to do it. If that doesn't work, then I'd go ahead and update the bios to the most recent one anyway, and do a CMOS clear after that. As your dealer mentioned, I'd start with replacing the battery first, then try the other stuff.