Question Xmp won't work

Jan 14, 2021
So recently i had an issue where my gpu didn't work, i solved it but in that i found a real issue with my memory that caused the previous one.
I have a B450M DS3H V2 motherboard with a ryzen 5 3600
My ram is 2x8 gigs 3200MHZ
When i turn on xmp my pc will not post it will flash on and off.
Cmos fixes it ofcourse but i'd like some info on how to get the most out of the ram.
Also good to mention that i have a 650watt PSU.
hi, ram xmp profile isnt compatible with every mainboard/cpu configurations,
here you can check if your ram model has been tested with your board and if it was, then u can see what max clock u can use with how many sticks
if your ram modules are missing, then it means they werent tested
u can also check your ram maker webpage to find your model there to see supported mainboards

anyway, try enable xmp then reduce ram clock to 2133, if it boots u can add more clock, keep doing that until it fails to boot, then go back to last bootable clock and perform memtest
0 errors means rams are ok,
1+ errors means unstable ram, u can reduce ram clock again to reduce error rate, once its at zero errors, u got your max ram clock with xmp

to get even higher clock, u will need to use custom timings (not xmp) to reach it