Xonar DG analog 5.1 output to TB Z6A?


May 9, 2012
I've been messing around with the the Xonar audio program for the better part of an hour and can't seem to nail it.

My question is,what settings enable true 5.1 output from the card (analog) to my Turtle Beach Z6A headset?

I can't really hear a difference between the 'Headphone' and '5.1 Speakers' settings for Analog Out. From what I gather, Dolby Headphone is just 5.1 simulation for stereo headphones... but the Z6As are "true" 5.1 headsets. Anyway, I'm messing with everything, and between the built-in 5.1 test and others, I cannot for the life of me tell a difference between the R/L and the R surround and L surround.

Not messing with the EQ, but on a side note, how can I get it to not sound like garbage?

This is strange because this was working for weeks, whatever settings I had it nailed the 5.1 in games and sounded great across all ranges in any type of media. This all seemed to change for some reason because I was finagling with both the hardware and software to get the mic to work for Skype. As an example, playing BF3 or ME3 was like markedly going from 5.1 to 2.1 today, and no matter what settings I change, my ears arent shaking that.