Xonar DX causing video problem?


Apr 7, 2012
I've recently returned to pc gaming after 15 years so I'm hoping this is something that I am just overlooking being the bonehead that I am. I'll start with my specs to give folks a baseline as to what I have in my machine. My system specs are.....

MSI-z77 GD55 motherboard
Sapphire Radeon 7970 oc video card.
I5-3570k processor
8 gigs 1600mhz ram.
Corsair 850tx power supply
Samsung 51 inch D550 plasma is my display.

Running Windows 7 64 bit Home premium.

Most recent addition to my machine is a Asus Xonar DX pci-e sound card.

Was using onboard realtek but since this pc is running in my home theater I wanted something that would output dolby or dts surround for gaming to my vizio 510 sound bar. Installed the card and bypassed any software from the asus cd and instantly downloaded latest driver. After a steep learning curve with the dolby live settings I finally got the card to output the proper dolby surround signal through the s/pdif connection. I was in Diablo 3 surround sound heaven for a couple of days when today I started getting a very weird issue.

Basically what happens is that when playing a game everything is fine for a couple of minutes then my television cuts out and starts displaying a message that the resolution is not supported. Sometimes I hear game audio while just staring at a black screen other times the system will restart or I have to hard reset with pw button. Mind you this only happens in games. Normal windows audio seems to work fine with no video issue. It's only when I fire up a game and play for a couple of minutes does this occur.

First this only happens in games. I was originnaly worried this was my video card telling me it's time to rma. Still I went ahead and trouble shot the last change I made... Which was installing the Xonar DX. I first uninstalled the Xonar and Radeon drivers then reinstalled them. I made sure the onboard realtek audio was disabled in device manager. I also disabled the Radeons hdmi audio option in device manager. I then tried windows sounds in various applications with no issue they played fine. Fired up Diablo 3 and within a couple moments I'm staring at the resolution not supported message. Figured I should try a couple of different games to rule out D3 so I started The Witcher and then Amnesia and encountered the same issue.

At this point I figured I was at a hardware level so I then opened the machine and reseated both cards and power cables. I then tried again no luck. Finally removed the Xonar card and tried a game and the issue was gone.

Which would tell me it's either a bad sound card, bad motherboard slot or hopefully some type of setting or driver conflict I am overlooking.

What's weird is that the card works just fine in every other function within windows. It's only when playing a game that I recieve this issue. Is there something I'm missing? Just looking for some things to try or if anyone else has had this problem?

Help PC heads! I am at the end of my knowledge at this point and some assistance is greatly appreciated.
Have you tried using the GPU audio through HDMI!
AMD audio specs for HD7970;
"Integrated HD audio controller
Output protected high bit rate 7.1 channel surround sound over HDMI with no additional cables required
Supports AC-3, AAC, Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio formats"
Might actually be causing conflict with your sound card.

youssef 2010

Jan 1, 2009
Have you used driver sweeper after uninstalling the drivers. Sometimes, it can help with weird issues like this.

Also, beware of the floppy connector on the Xonar DX. It really is the WORST thing about this card. If you try to take the floppy connector off the card, you might end up pulling white plastic shroud a couple of millimeters which will prevent power delivery when you try to reconnect the card.



Apr 7, 2012
Fixed the issue thankfully. Even though I was disabling the realtek in device manager I neglected to disable the bios option. This is after reseating both video and sound. Once I disabled the onboard sound in bios it resolved the issue.