Xp 32 bit --> Vista 64 bit Questions


Apr 21, 2009
Hey guys, I know these questions have been asked a lot but I was having trouble finding an exact answer.

I am making the move to vista 64 bit with my desktop -- I just spent 1.5k on components that will allow me to support 64 bit.

my questions are --

Is there a way to safely remove, TRANSFER my files, or better yet - just have my files there already when I switch to 64 bit??

How do I safely remove xp 32 bit and go straight to vista 64 bit??

I have 4 hard drives with 2 formatted to vista 32 bit I had a long time ago but lost the disk too -- how do I clear the hard drives and get them formatted for storage space ?? -- I'd rather not have them connected to my vista directly because if my central hard drive crashes -- yeah.

If I wanted too - how do I format vista 64 bit on the old vista 32 bit hard drives and have my computer give me an option to pick which hard drive I want to boot from when I start my computer??

Any help for ANY of these question would be great! Thanks!