XP and Vista MERGE


Nov 4, 2008
Hi guys,
I have Windows XP on C drive and Windows Vista on E drive. I usually use E drive; but originally, when I built my PC, I installed XP first and then VISTA. Now I have no more space remaining on my E drive but about 250 GB of space is open in my C drive. I was wondering if there is any way I can MERGE my E and C drive into one without lossing any of my data.
I would really appreciate any help here.
Thank You,
-Vik Shah.



Don't even think about it!
Do you need both OS's. How big is your E: drive? Vista can use up a lot of space with restore points.
You can turn these off to gain space after restarting you can turn them back on and limit the amount of space they use.
If you don't need XP anymore one option would be to upgrade it to Vista and delete the Vista instalation off E: drive.
You could try shrinking the XP partition with Vista and try to add that space to the Vista partition, but there are risks involved in messing with partitions, so you would need to backup what you can't loose.
The best way to go if you can afford it, is add another drive.