xp barton 2600+ in a 266fsb motherboard


Jan 15, 2005
Hello all,
I will have an extra athlon xp 2600+ barton 333fsb after upgrading my gaming machine, and I was wondering if it would work in a motherboard that only supports 266fsb. That motherboard is a msi k7t266pro2u. I know it only says to use an athlon xp up to 2600+ and I am assuming not the bartons that run 333fsb. So my question is will the barton work? Will it then only run 266fsb or will it fry the mainboard. If it does work, would it then run the same speed with the less fsb. Or, should I be better off selling the cpu and buying a athlon xp that runs 266fsb.
The machine in question:
msi k7t266pro2u
athlon xp 2100+
2x256mb kingston pc 2100
nvidia geforce fx 5700ultra
maxtor 60gb hard drive ide
dvd,cd drives
thermaltake cpu fan/heatsink
thanks for the replies.


It may work, but if it does, it will be at it's multiplier (11.5 I think) * 133. A barton, at 133 fsb @ 1530mhz would probably be considered a 1900+. Not much point.