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I manage networks for two law firms and can generally
figure out just about any issue (sometimes after reading
several hundred kb articles).

However, over the past couple of months, I have added XP
Pro clients to both networks (2000 AS PDC on one and 2000
SBS PDC on the other),

A couple of the XP clients function normally.

However, on most of them, I use the domain administrator
account to join the new computer to the network and the
join works normally and takes place very quickly. Once
the computer is rebooted, however, it times out while
searching for the domain controller. If I log into the
local computer and attempt to map a network drive to
shares on the server, it takes several minutes to complete
and the access to the share is brutally slow.

I have found kb articles recommending disabling
autoenrollment on the xp pro machines and have done so.

I have also found kb articles recommending manually adding
DNS entries on the servers and have done so.

I have experimented with numerous different security and
networking settings to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas??? Before the last small patch of
hair falls out?


Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.advanced_server (More info?)

This problem may arrive if the DNS suffix is not added in the system
to do so

open system properties
goto change computer name
there is an option more choose that
and provide the dns suffix ie complete domian name
and check for DNS server entry in TCP/IP settings
If you have a DHCP server providing IP address check whether it provides
the DNS server IP with the ip address
Hope this will resolve the issue

Abhijeet Nigam, MCSE,A+,CCNA
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