XP crashing when file system is NTFS



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there is something wrong between XP pro and NTFS volumes.
when i set up the XP with ntfs about 3 or 4 week later , suddenly (no
software or hardvare changes) XP cannot open. Also i cannot access the ntfs
volumes. i tried to fix the problem ,that i still dont understand what cause
this, by recovery console.
and i use some commands like chkdsk, fixmbr, fixboot but it didnt work.
So, i went on with the fat32 file system and everything was ok. No crash,
no failure or blue screen error. But the security permission so bad with
respect to ntfs.
2 days ago i formatted and set up the file system ntfs again. but i am
afraid of repeating the same failure OS. I dont want to lose my data again.
Please help me with this trouble.
( First time - XP SP1)
( Now - XP SP2 )

Hardware Configuration :
Amd Athlon 2500 XP + cpu
Epox KT600 mainboard
3x256 DDR 400 mhz kingston ram
80 gb and 160 gb Samsung Serial Ata Harddisk (both of them SATA and OS on 80
gb disk )