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XP Desktop(Icons) get's moved to DVI/VGA port display, when displayport monitor



Hi everybody!

I've got a XPSP3 System with integrated GPU (AMD 780G, ASUS M3A78-EM) with a (Dell) Monitor connected via DisplayPort.
A video beamer is connected to the DVI port of motherboard and nothing to HDMI and VGA.

"Dual Head" use basically works (extended Desktop) but, when I switch off the monitor, the desktop Icons and Taskbar get's moved to the beamer (even, when it is not powered!) or even to VGA (if the beamer it is not connected).

How to avoid this and force the desktop to stay on the displayport monitor?

Thank you!



Apr 5, 2010
Quite a long time, but any solution on this? I have a similar situation here.

I'm on Vista64. Using an ATI HD5770 with one DisplayPort-Monitor (HP) and a second DVI-D-Monitor (iiyama).

When I switch off the HP, all the desktop gets transfered to the Iiyama, no matter if this one is turned on or off.

It just seems to me, that turning of the DisplayPort-Monitor is quite the same as unplugging the DisplayPort cable. So the ATI card auto-reconfigures all its monitor and desktop settings.

How to avoid this and force the desktop to stay on the displayport monitor?

Thanks Marc.

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