Jan 7, 2002
I log into a remote server and scroll through multiple pages to view document content. Sometimes when scrolling through the pages, WIN XP "freezes" on one page meaning that it no longer responds to either keyboard or mouse commands. I am unable to scroll through that document when this happens and must hard reboot to get back into Windows XP. I use WIN XP Home and use an AMD 1.7 Ghz Athlon with a GeForce2 video card and 256Mb DDR RAM. I have a DSL line which works fine when accessing the web and email, etc. I have also installed the latest NVIDIA video driver. What causes this "freeze" problem and how can I correct it? Thank you.


Probably running out of memory when you're doing that kind of stuff. You're on a different computer, scrolling through a document? You might want to scroll slower so it doesn't tie up your computer system. It has to process all that stuff and I have it happen once in a while here. If you wait, it'll come back in a minute or two.