XP MCE (2002) driver issue

Tom Brock

Apr 22, 2017
Machine: Sony Vaio (PCG-7R2L)
Windows XP MCE (2002) SP3
Use: Playing videos for 2 year old daughter (nothing more)

Issue: Something has damaged the cd/dvd drive drivers as well as the audio drivers. I know that both work because the laptop can boot off a Lazesoft boot disk and when booting normally, the laptops plays a little catchy sound file before entering into Windows startup.

Internet connectivity is an issue. I was able to borrow a friend's little modem with a network jack and used a patch cord to get online (the laptop does not support WPA2) which is the only other alternative I have). Windows Update says all drivers are current.

However Device Manager shows:
- an error on the dvd drive
- an error for an unnamed PCI device.

Also when I try to play a wav file I get this error: "...there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer...or it might not be functioning properly". Device Manager shows this for Sound/Video/Game controllers: Audio codecs, Legacy audio drivers, Leagacy Video Capture Devices, Video Codecs.

Since I know that the drive and the sound hardware work, I determined that reinstalling Windows would be my best option. If there is a better solution or something more to try first, please give me a knock on the noggin!

I am stymied on the install. I cannot boot off usb - it is not a supported option in Bios. I do not have the original install disk (the laptop was a gift). I do have an Windows XP MCE (2005) image (iso). I also have (I believe) a valid boot image of Windows XP. I have tried varios methods to do this - taking an image of the Lazesoft cd that I am able to boot off of. Having Lazesoft create an image file directly. Downloading a boot image. Creating an image from the hard drive.

So I have two image (iso) files and have tried several programs (though principally Imgburn) to make a bootable dvd install disk. I seem to have done nothing more than create several coaster pads.

One thing I notice is that when I look at the Lazesoft bootable dvd, I see bootmgr, bootmgr.efi etc. When I look at the install disks that I created, I do NOT see these files and their accompanying folders. HOWEVER, based upon the space used by my various coaster pads, these files ARE burned to disk (the difference in total space versus the XP install is just over the 135,000 used by the boot image).

Does anyone see anything clearly wrong in my process? Is it simply that I am marrying the install and boot images incorrectly?
I haven't heard about these Lazesoft, but if their "recovery" disk provides for command prompt - extract your Windows ISO onto a USB drive, and start Setup.exe from there, once you boot your Lazesoft. Or just burn the damn Windows ISO onto a CD/DVD.

And if I was you - I'd get your girl a $50 Amazon tablet, and be done with your 15yo laptop. Sony are notorious for not being easy to repair without Sony-provided media.