xp media center installation please help!!!


May 20, 2003
i just received the xp media center 2005 oem and wanted to install it. i am currently running xp pro in my pc and i've read on another site that usually when you buy the xp mce 2005 it comes in 2 discs - 1 for xp home and 1 for the media center. i assume that after you install xp home then you run the 2nd disc - is this true? since i'm running xp pro, can i just run the media center cd? also, would there be any conflicts with documents, programs, etc. when i install the media center cd if applicable.


Apr 3, 2001
You can do a dual boot in the same manner that you install other dual boots.

Incidentally, here's a documented error in the installation. You start the WMCE install with the first CD, which is identical to a regular Win XP install. At a certain point, you will be instructed to insert CD two. Insert CD 2, and let that part complete.

Now here's the error. The install process will ask you to insert the Service Pack 2 CD. This is the error. You ignor this, and insert CD one again to finish the installation.

Do Windows Update right away.

You will have a boot menu where you can select which OS you want to boot to like ordinary dual boot setups.