xp unstable? boot reset problems


Jul 8, 2003
Hi i have Win xp sp2 and have had various problems with my pc (including when previously running win 98se).

Recently i had a boot problem where the pc would reset during the boot process (the page with the scrolling graphic to show it's loading). It would boot in safe mode, but i didn't know how to troubleshoot it so i ended up installing another xp operating system and using that (so i have two on system now). It worked for a couple of weeks but then the boot reset started again.

Interestingly it would only reset this time after i had run or cancelled the check disc utility (which comes up after not being shut down properly).
I booted it up in safe mode and managed to fathom the system config utility.
By systematically ticking the services and startups, and whatever the others are, i've got everything up and running again, but without actually trying normal settings again. As the diagnostic startup window doesn't appear anymore i'm guessing it's reverted to normal anyway.

It just seems that my system is unstable with regards to O/S and some other software irregularities (firefox corruption).
Occasionally the pc resets to december 2002 also. It has previously been suggested this could be to do with the original config date.

Anyone got any ideas?


Dec 15, 2005
I would run diagnostics on the hardware, then low level format the hard drive and reinstall Windows XP. If you did an upgrade of XP over 98, this could be a factor if your diagnostics check out. If you did, and you reinstall, you don't need to reinstall 98 first, just boot from your XP disk and reinstall. It will merely ask for your 98 disk to verify you have one for the upgrade.