Jan 27, 2006
I installed my Dell XP home edition SP2 on my old computer. Was working beautifully, until the thing froze up during software activation and I was forced to shut it off. Now, the computer will turn on, but that's where the action ends. No Bios, no blue screen, no anything. It turns on, makes a few gurgly noises and then nothing. I tried hitting f8, tried inserting the CD to reinstall and the computer will not respond at all.It acts like it's in permanent hibernation. Am I just out of luck since it's Dell software? What do I do to get the thing to respond? Thanks


Apr 24, 2002
Even if your hard drive failed, the BIOS and POST would still happen.

This feels like failed cpu, memory, or power supply; with a very remote chance video went down.

Crack open your box, and see to the ram stick(s). If there's only one, take it out and have it checked somewhere. If there are two, take out bank one - leave bank zero. Try it. If no luck, swap them.

If you have two sticks and the swap doesn't help, it's probably the cpu.

At least you're gaining knowledge. While you have the box open, make sure everything is seated well and all cables are secure.