XP Wont dual boot (sees partition as unformated?)


Nov 7, 2007
Hi all,
I am hoping you guys can help me out. I just finished building my rig and am trying to get a dual boot (ubuntu/xp) setup going. I installed windows xp pro, everything was fine. It only sees around 130GB of my 750GB seagate HDD though...that is strange. So i gave it an 80GB partition, installed windows xp, everything works. Then i installed ubuntu on the remaining partition. Ubuntu works just fine. Sees all 3 partitions (80GB windows ntfs, 2gb swap, remaining ~650gb for ubuntu). When i try to boot to XP, it immediatly blue screens (halt critical error, etc). I tried running the XP repair with no luck. Did the chkdsk and it said unrepairable errors, which is not true..the disk is fine. I did FIXMBR thinking i will fix the windows partition then go back and fix linux grub later, but it does the same thing. BSOD. I did diskpart and can see that XP sees the original unformatted 130GB disk again....which is strange. Linux still sees all 3 partitions as being fine.

Any thoughts on what is going on? Is there a partition/disk size issue with XP? Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks for any advice.



You're using the origional XP which does not support drives/partitions bigger than 138 gig. SP1 fixed this problem. To see the whole disk at install you will need to slip stream at least SP1 or SP2 into the install disk.
As for the boot issue try googling it. One site I saw said to do xp first then ubuntu.


I would also recommend a second hard drive for a separate OS rather than installing all on one drive with multiple partitions. That way if one drive fails... you're not completely hosed.