Question XPG SSD crashes Windows on my laptop ?


Mar 17, 2022
Hello, recently I encountered an issue with one of my laptops at the time I upgraded to an SSD, here is the context:

I have an HP 15-da2036la notebook. I wanted to upgrade to an ssd, so I checked on the hp page for my exact model and to know what version of nvme pcie is compatible with my laptop. on the page it specifically mentions that it is compatible with M.2 pcie 3x4 ssd, so I bought an xpg spectrix s40g 256gb 3x4 nvme 1.3. BUT when trying to install Windows it does not allow me to, an error appears "0x800701b1" (only happens with ssd, when i try to install on hdd I have no problems).

I tried removing the hdd, network adapter, changing the ram and the problem persists, so I decided to install Windows from another laptop and at the moment after putting the ssd with the system already installed in my already mentioned hp, the system enters the loading startup screen and does not start. I receive bsod with the following errors when trying to start the system "critical_process_died" & "bad_system_config_info", one of the few times that I manage to enter the desktop I notice in the task manager that my ssd reaches to 100% use and then the bsod occurs, in the same way also checking in crystaldisk in the information appears that it is compatible with 3x4 ssd but nevertheless it is using 2x2.

I already updated my bios, even looking for some configuration in it that allows me to enable pcie 3x4 and there is no option to enable it, likewise if I put the ssd in my HP Omen the ssd works in mode 3x4 and none of the aforementioned errors occur.

I also tried installing different windows ISOs including a lite version without drivers, in the same way I also tried updating and putting all the drivers and the problem persists, I also tried using the ssd (samsung 3x4 nvme 1.2) of my Omen on the pc with the problem and it continues to present bsod, I would like to know if it is a compatibility problem and if there is a solution, any help or suggestion that you can give me is very appreciated.

Extra info: as the same of the SSD, on the hp page it says my laptop have 8gb ram ddr4 2666mhz but in task manager only show 8gb at 2400mhz, idk if thats a mistake from hp in their page.