Question XPS 15 9560 Switching off of Dedicated Graphics Causing Stuttering

Jun 6, 2020
As the title suggests, I have recently run into a stuttering issue on my XPS 15 when gaming. My system specs are below:

Intel i7-7700HQ@2.8GHz
GTX 1050

This issue first arose in Warzone where out of nowhere I would drop a significant amount of frames, making the game unplayable. Sometimes the frames came back, but most times the frame drop continued to the point where I couldn't move. After looking at the task manager when this happened, I learned the my computer was switching from my dedicated GTX 1050, which I have selected to run all my games in the Nvidia Control Panel, to my Integrated Graphics for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

This issue also has started to affect Valorant and Overwatch as well. I have already reset my Nvidia Control Panel and performed a clean installation of my graphics drivers to no avail. I have also checked my GPU temps, which seem to be normal while under load.

It should be noted that I had played Warzone, Multiplayer, Valorant and Overwatch for a long period of time before this issue arose.

Let me know if there is any additional information needed that might help solve this issue. I truly appreciate any help on fixing this issue!