Question XPS 17 - Samsung ssd 980 compatibility issues in Samsung Magician

Jul 9, 2021
I am in a process of upgrading my new Dell XPS 17 storage from 512Gb to 1Tb. I used Sabrent NVMe case to data migrate (Samsung Data Migration ) but it was not recognized by Samsung Data Migration software. I installed the new NVMe in the second slot and have the same issues. Samsung Magician shows Samsung SSD 980 as a second drive but also shows compatibility issues warning.
Driver Intel Corporation
Device is connected to the driver that Magician does not support.
Recommendation: Use Microsoft or Samsung NVMe driver.
In device manager the driver for this drive shows:
Microsoft latest driver 6/21/2006
Driver version 10.0.19041.789
I have checked for the latest drivers and this is a latest.
Samsung Data Migration software starts but it gets stuck at 0%.
Anybody with a similar problem resolved?


I used Sabrent NVMe case
That's your issue. Samsung Data Migration does not let to clone your OS if the target drive isn't Samsung drive. Even when you have Samsung drive in the enclosure, Samsung Data Migration still sees Sabernet at the target part of the chain, producing the error.

Here, you have 3 options:
  1. Do not use Sabernet enclosure at all. Though, i get that you're on laptop and you many not have 2nd M.2 slot, where to plug the target drive.
  2. Put the source drive (512GB) into Sabernet enclosure and target drive (1TB) into laptop. There is no restrictions when source drive is any other than Samsung drive.
  3. Use another program. E.g Acronis True Image.
Jul 9, 2021
As I mentioned in my previous post, I installed 980 in the second NVMe slot of my Dell laptop and results were the same.
I have LG Gram 17 2019 laptop and had no problems migrating data to the external NVMe but with Qnine enclosure (does not work anymore).
What I noticed on my new Dell laptop is that in the disk management both drives indicate Bitlocker Encrypted. I do not have it on the LG Gram. Is it possible that the encryption create the problem?