Xps 8300's video card not showing the correct VRAM


Dec 6, 2010
So I finally got my XPS 8300 in and ran it through some tests, it runs really good. I'm concerned about one thing though. It says I have "Radeon 6800 series" (Which I selected the 6870) and I know it should have 1gb vram. However, it is only registering 743mb of that. The machine runs windows 7 home premium, which can access up to 16gb of memory, but the system memory is only 8gb. Why is the machine not recognizing the full vram amount? Or is it recognized but not available for some reason or another?

Note: CPU-Z recognizes it is a 6870 and has 1024mb vram, but other programs such as PC Wizard, System Requirements Lab, and dxdiag does not.