Question Xps 9500 Throttling


Nov 15, 2014
I just bought a brand new xps 9500 and I am having difficulties play a game for more than 10 minutes. Everything starts out a 40w each then it throttles the cpu to 15w. My issue is then it cuts the wattage to the gpu to 20w after and my frames become horrendous. I start out getting 60frames and then it will plummet to 20frames. Is there any solution to this?


Could you please state the SKU to your Dell XPS? It'd help us narrow down what you currently have inside the laptop. Looking at images off the web, on a random search for 9500, I see that it's a slim profile laptop, for the sort of design it has and (assuming)the sort of heatware it's got under that shell, it's very likely that you're not going to be able to counter the throttling issue, provided the issue isn't with a corrupt OS or drivers.

Can you please check and see what version of Windows 10(not edition) you're on? Also, use CPU-Z to show you what your BIOS version for the laptop at the time of writing is. You should also keep your Service tag handy to locate the support page for your laptop and corroborate the BIOS version you're on versus the BIOS that it's the latest. Please keep in mind to gradually work your way through to the latest BIOS version if you have a number of them pending, as opposed to jumping to the latest version.

If your OS and BIOS are up to date, you can manually try and reinstall all relevant drivers for your laptop, in an elevated command. As for your GPU, use DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers, reboot to Safe Mode then source the latest GPU driver from Nvidia(assuming yours is equipped with a GTX16 series GPU), then reinstall driver in an elevated command.