Question XTU Crashing

Jul 4, 2020
Hi i am having issues with this particular blue screen code every time I try to start up Intel XTU. I have had this computer about a month and haven't changed any settings and went to see how it compared to my wife's that i just finish building with the same exact hardware except the GPU is different. I have OC it using the built in profiles and XMP. I legit start XTU and start a benchmark test and it runs for 2-4 seconds and then everything freezes and i get the blue screen stop code Clock watchdog timeout. and sometimes the computer restarts fine and sometimes it will freeze here and i have to hit the restart button on the computer. i have clear cmos and reset the bios and it worked fine, but when i set it back to what it was in the bios it does it again when i start up XTU. I had these settings for over a month and this wasn't happening the first time is set it all up. My hardware is

CPU- Intel i9-9900K
Mobo- Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wifi)
Ram- Corsair Vengeance Pro 3600
GPU- Asus EVO 2070 Super
PSU- Thermaltake GF1 850W Modular
CPU Cooler- Noctua NH-D15
9 Case fans

I do get other codes sometimes that I don't remember off hand atm, but it is this one 80% of the time. Most of the codes also suggest a hardware issue or driver issue.