Question Yamaha HS5 make static cracking noise despite having balanced cables

Jul 19, 2022
Seems like a common issue with these monitors... What the heck? The problem did improve significantly when I switched to balanced XLR to 1/4" cables and ditched the RCA cables (where the static was so bad it literally would interact WITH the music... me moving my mouse around could be heard in the speakers). Well the balanced cables still aren't perfect either... what is this? I've had cheap M audio monitors before these and even though they sucked they didn't hiss and crackle... why would more expensive monitors be worse in that regard? Makes no sense.

I've also read people say both; you need to power the monitors on a SEPARATE circuit than your computer, AND other says it has to be the SAME circuit as the computer....

Well I have them on the same circuit as my computer... that can't be the solution.... Am I really supposed to run power from another room to these speakers JUST to not heard crackling noise from them????

Seems like it's a signiffigant problem with these monitors that really should be fixed. I have never in my life had such problems with speakers... these HS5s sound like a Fender twin Reverb cranked to 8 just from being on.