Question YCbCr 4:2:0 10 bit option missing


Nov 17, 2016

RTX 2070
Sony HT-ZF9
Philips 75PUS7803

Today I lost picture on my TV and while getting it back I noticed that the settings in use no longer work. I had it on YCbCr 422 10 bit and at 60 Hz and it'd been working fine for a week. And it still works if I remove the ZF9 soundbar from between my computer and TV, so I'm pretty sure that's the problem here. The best I can get the soundbar system to tunnel through is YCbCr 420 8 bit at 60 Hz. 420 12 bit produces a picture, but it keeps flickering, so no use there. If I want a 10 bit color for HDR, I have to drop it to 30 Hz, which effectively means: no HDR gaming.

Now here is the problem, the soundbar should support HDR 60fps going through, but nVidia control panel doesn't have a 10 bit option for 4:2:0 for some reason. 4:2:2 has the option, but the soundbar system can't handle that. Is there any way to set it up (for 4:2:0 10 bit) from elsewhere, or do I just kiss HDR gaming (and 60fps videos) goodbye?

I'm also wondering why 4:2:2 10 bit 60 Hz works fine without the soundbar in between, the RTX 2070 has HDMI 2.0b and as well as the ZF9.

Thank you!