Question Yet another "My PC is not booting" but with a spicy random factor


Dec 28, 2019
Hello community,
My PC is driving me crazy.

Everything started when my computer freezed on opening a program. It was completely blocked, mouse was not moving, no response from task administrator... So I just switched it off. Then it didn't managed to boot.

Problem: not loading even to BIOS, no video at all.
Test: booting with the motherboard outside the case, only with CPU and one stick on RAM, in every single RAM slot with a BIOS reset each time.
Result: Fans start up, CPU has power (I can see how it's heating), but there is no power on USB ports, so I asume it didn't boot.

This seems like a RAM issue right? I have 2 RAM modules, I have tried and same result: no power on usb port.
Then it's the motherboard? Bought another one. Same result...

BUT eventually I've managed to make it boot. After performing the same test over and over again. I managed to get power on usb, so it booted; then plugged GPU and had video showing the BIOS, then plugged the drives and boot into the OS. I switched RAMs and both of them are working. I could boot to the OS, so all the components are working.

Greedy me I tried to plug the 2 RAM sticks, but I could not manage to get it to boot... So let's go back to one RAM stick again... No, it hasn't booted again.


  • Processor Intel i7 5820k (2013)
  • RAM 2 x Crucial 8GB DDR4 2133 (2013)
  • Motherboard 2 x Machinist X99 LGA 2011-3 (2020 and another completely new)
  • PSU Aerocool Templarius 1150W (2013)
As a note, I started having problems at the end of 2019 with my old Gigabyte motherboard, usb ports where failing and finally it didn't boot. It has always been a pain to place the RAM sticks, I had to play with the different positions to made them work, but as the problem was the same with both RAM sticks I always tough it was a motherboard issue.

The fact that it has booted drives me crazy because I can't figure out what is failing, and what to buy.

Do you have any ideas of what can be wrong?

Thank you