Question Yet another pc randomly shutting down

Dec 6, 2019
Hello everyone, here I come with another case of pc randomly shutting down, I hope I can get some help here.
Here's what's happened so far:
- Initialy, when playing games pc randomly would shut down or reboot. When shut down the led on the power button would stay on and I have to unplug the power cord and plug it again in order to turn the pc back on. It's been a while since the problem started and now it happens 100% at random, not only when gaming.
- When rebooting sometime I would get a BSOD, sometimes nothing, sometimes pc would not recognice the hd and I would have to unplug the hd and plug it back, then everything works
- Temps seem to be fine, memtest found no errors, no overclocking going on, I tried 4 different rams and the problem persists
- I tried removing the graphics card and use the onboard graphics, pc would go into a rebooting-epilepsy attack.
- I tried a different graphics card, the problem worsened happening more often

Any idea would be helpful, thanks in advance.