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Question Yoga 900s-12isk --> SSD does not show up during W10 installation


Jun 16, 2019
Hello beloved comunity,

Recently my yoga got almost unusable mostly because of software issues, so I decided to re-install W10, but the pc was always crashing in the process, I attempted anything but I was not able to reinstall Windows on that machine (even from external usb). At this point I decided to install the ssd in my desktop, I formatted the drive and than I installed it in the laptop again ready to install W10 form my usb. Well, the ssd was not showing up in the BIOS, for some reasons the settings changed so I reset them.

Now the BIOS is able to see the drive but once i get to the W10 installation there is no drive there to install it. I did a bit of researches and I found out that some drivers have to be installed for the ssd to show up. As I read in an old post I downloaded Intel RST drivers from lenovo (the specific version for my laptop).
The problem now is that when i go on "load drivers" (when installing W10 from usb) I can't see them in my usb and I don't know why since they are .exe files and not compressed.

Has anyone any idea? suggestions? something?!

The laptop always had problems but as i said, those are more software issues and not hardware, so I think that after a fresh install the situation would get better