You got 3 days to buy an SSD?


Jul 18, 2011
If you only had a few days to buy an SSD, which one would you pick?

I didn't want to start the 10 thousandth 'Help me pick an SSD' thread, but I need a little help. So I'm putting in a crunch, that - you have to pick right now, only 1, it'll only be a boot drive, and you're desperate - you'll spend as much as you have to.

Skip if you don't like reading :)

My Story:
I have an OZC Vertex 1 30gb, and of course, it's dying. Used it only as a boot drive with a few applications (use a raid for storage) for less than a year.
About a month ago, files on it kept getting corrupted, or just disappearing. I re-installed windows, but every 5-20 minutes it would lock, and not detect the SSD on bootup. After secure erasing and another 3 windows re-installs, it stopped locking up.
Now, however, every day when i turn my computer on, another bunch of files are corrupted.

My Situation:
So yeah that's my 'My SSD just Died Story', I'm looking for another boot drive, I don't have any mechanical drives lying around atm to use temporarily. I greatly prefer the speed of an SSD, and the smallest mechanical drives my local store has, is 500gb for around AUS$90. So I would rather buy another SSD anyway, rather than temporarily using something else.

My Research:
I've spent the last month (Well last 2 years mostly), looking at SSDs every day. I remember in 2009, everyone saying 'The time for SSD is NOW', so like all emerging mainstream technology, I waited over a year for price drops and failures to appear, before buying anything.

But anyway, I've researched every single SSD on the market and I've yet to find one that is worth it. For every 1 'Review' that states just how amazingly fast, cost efficient, and groundbreaking a particular SSD is, I can list 20 'That SDD died in less than a year' threads.

I'm not exactly looking for a cheap SSD, but I'm only looking to boot from it and put a few hefty applications like Photoshop, and video editing applications, etc on it. I just don't want to spend $1000 on a 200gb+ drive, no matter how reliable it is.
The speed/cost atm are just barely almost making it worth choosing them over a mechanical drive. But no matter which one I pick, having it fail in less than 12 months, is a joke.

My List:
Here's a list of all the SSDs I'm currently considering:
- Intel x25-M ~AUS$220

Yes, that is a list of 1. But even that drive is failing, it's just failing the least from what I have found.

I was just about to pay for an Intel 320 drive, placed the order and everything, Intel is supposed to have the most reliable SSDs, then all these reports of the '8mb' bug started popping up. :heink: :heink: :heink:

If you only had a few days to buy an SSD, which one would you pick?