you use dual and single channel ddr ram in the same computer at the s


Feb 6, 2012
hi. i tried to see if this was already answered on here somewhere... and if it is, i can't find it.

i currently have 1 gb dual channel ram in the first slot of each bank. i would like to add ram that's the same size, make, etc., but it's 2 single channel 1 gb rams.

can i use them all together? and if so, what order do i install them in?

All ddr ram is capable of dual channel mode; the designation is determined by the motherboard chipset and the ram slots you select. Always install identical sticks in pairs in the correct slots and you'll be running in dual channel. Google your motherboard manual if needed and read it.
ddr2 is the ram spec. Dual channel has nothing to do with the type of ram, just the speed. Be sure of what you need before you order; cpuz will let you know the ram brand and speed your board is using. If you need more ram, list your board make and model number, or system model number for dell, hp, etc. Then you'll get better advice.