You wont care but i need to tell people


Jul 26, 2010
Its unlikely this will effect anyone because i assume most of you on here arent stupid enough to do this but ive spent the last 5 days worrying because i thought i had damaged my gpu or something, its a GTX580 and i only built the system about 3 weeks ago so i have been gutted!

In all benchmarks i have been seriously underperforming and i had come to the conclusion that i must have fried something whilst mildly overclocking (which i thought was unlikely)

Anyway today all my worries were solved! :) Turns out i had forced V-Sync on via the nvidea control panel so when running benches like 3DMark Vantage i was a good 7000 points off the rest of the pack! Set it to auto about 10 mins ago and problem solved! Thanks the lord is there is one up there :)


Mar 10, 2011
V-Sync is BS. Turning it off lets my GTX 560 Ti max out games that otherwise stutter like mad with V-Sync on (Just Cause 2, Crysis 2 w/ DX11, DA2).

It's a wonderful feeling when you get to the source of the problem and resolve it successfully, eliminating the thought of possible hardware damage done... isn't it? ;)