You'd think a company like Intel...

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Dec 31, 2007
Yes, that is true. Intel has been too heavily dependant on SSE instructions that their latest processor (the P4) blows because nothing supports SSE2 yet. This is the most half ass way of designing a processor. Instead of depending on Streaming Instructions they should have gone to work on the FPU. Look at the Athlon- no special instructions (other than 3D Now! which are outdated) and it blows the P4 away in FPU operations. There was a time when Intel was the FPU KING!!! OH well.

-MP Jesse

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The best-case scenario is that both companies act as a catalyst for the other to continue upping the performance anti and that prices continue to drop. I see that happening. As crappy as Intel's product may be, Intel will continue to dominate the market and probably will for years to come. Their marketing alone will probably guarantee that. But, I don't think there's any way AMD will be usurped in performance by Intel again. With AMD making money, their R&D department working like gangbusters, it aint gonna happen. They know what it takes to compete with Intel and that means working their arses off. If Intel ever wanted to kill off AMD or keep them relegated to being "that crappy other chip maker", it needed to do so a long time ago. If Intel couldn't do it while AMD was suffering, and if AMD was able to come up with "an Athlon" at a time they were going broke, there's no way Intel's going to stomp on AMD now. It will be good for all of us to have two strong chip companies rather than one.