Your case had been open


Feb 6, 2010
A few days ago i was in my BIOS to tinker with some computer fan settings, so i restart the computer and this error comes on the screen as soon as i turn on my computer, Your case had been opened Press any key to continue, the only thing is, no key will work, it also makes an odd sound that sounds like a bunch of beeps when i start my computer, please help

MOBO- msi

Processor- amd athlon 7750


Nov 8, 2006
I had one motherboard back some 4 years ago which had a option in bios about open case doors sensor or something of that nature. Go back into bios and see if you can spot option like this try to remember what you played with and change in bios. You probably changed this option to ON position and there is no sensor on your case side doors and its activating this message.
And if that doesn't work manually reset the CMOS by removing the power cord and battery (some mobo's have a jumper that needs to be changed momentarily) and put the mobo back to defaults then after reinserting the battery and power cord you will have to redo all your BIOS settings.