Your case had been opened lots of beeps



okay i got this problem few days ago i turned pc on as usual and then after the windows loading screen i just got the blue screen of death.Itried searching for problems in bios and kinda activated the chassis intrusion ur sumthing
now i cant start computer at all
i turn on it gets pasa bios load then shows the "your case had been open" with no keey to press to skip or anything
i googled for problem solve and i either got : go in bios and disable:wont work ! my computer doesnt repond to any command :no esc,del,insert,f1-12
or check for sensor on the case:searched ;unplugged;same prob without the beeping(i think it beeps like 50 omfg times) please help :hello: :hello:
Welcome to the forums!

There should be a jumper marked 'Chassis Intrusion' or something similar on the motherboard.
Connect the two pins and you should be in business!
If you could post the brand and model of your motherboard I could try to help you locate where this jumper is...