Question "Your PC ran into a problem" every time I shut down/sleep/hibernate (W 8.1)

Aug 16, 2019

Background Info:
I've been running my system for quite a while now and the motherboard and CPU (i7 4790 & Maximus VII ranger) were coming up to over 5 years old. Recently from what I could tell the motherboard fried and I had to get a cheap replacement on ebay, an MSI H81I. With the old one it would try to power on and then power off like 0.5 seconds later, then get stuck in the loop of powering off and on. I don't know what caused it or if its lifetime was over.

Once I got the new mobo installed everything seemed to work fine, I could get the PC to boot again and all worked same as before apart from one issue.


With the new motherboard installed (running on windows 8.1), pretty much every time the PC is turned back on, I have the issue of "Your PC ran into a problem", the same error message you get (I believe) when you get a BSOD.

To clarify, I'm not getting BSODs at any point that I can see. The error message comes up after the PC is turned back on. Whilst turning off my screens go black and nothing else is shown.
What I've also noticed is that any time I turn the PC off or put into sleep/hibernate, it takes over 5 minutes or so to turn off (fans stop spinning).
At first I thought it was to do with going into hibernate as that's my default. But then I tried sleep, then just a regular shut down, all of these end up hitting me with the same error message.

This wouldn't be a problem if I just shut down, as I just have to dismiss this error message. But hibernation is a pretty big deal for me.

The error message details include 3 files, one of which doesn't even seem to exist (somewhere in temp folder), the other two are dmp files which I don't know what I can do with. I don't remember where they are but if anyone needs them to help I'll gladly provide.

I really appreciate any help!