Your thoughts on my current setup please


Feb 29, 2008
As the title shows, i would just like peoples opinions on my current build that i have had since 2009. Looking to upgrade some components but not trying to go all out. Am i lacking anywhere with current games? i know i cant push crysis 2 to max but im just thinking i might be behind the curve lol.

Case: Haf 932

Mobo: EVGA Classified E760-A1

GPU: XFX 5970 BE 2 GB

MEM: Corsair Dominator 2000Mhz (6gb)

PSU: PC Power and Cooling 1200 watt

CPU: i7 920 Do stepping

HD: 2x 120gb raptors raid 0 and 1tb Seagate for storage


Aug 30, 2010
At this point, you probably won't see all that much of an improvement with newer components. Yes, Sandy Bridge outperforms the 1st gen i7s, but not enough to justify switching platforms from just one generation back. Same with the 5970. It'll still have the edge over all but the HD 6990 and GTX 590. The GTX 580 might come close, but I doubt it'll beat it. If you really have the upgrading bug, at least wait until the enthusiast-class Sandy Bridge chips come out - the ones meant to replace the i7-9xx chips and X58. Personally, I think it's best to skip a generation between upgrades - so wait until Ivy Bridge is released to upgrade.

About the only thing I could possibly recommend is swapping your Raptors for a SSD. But even that won't change too much.