Question YouTube Doesnt Play Videos


Jun 5, 2008
Hi. I've had this TV for several years (Samsung UN65J) and YT worked fine up until recently, maybe 3 days ago. Ive also been using the Logitech Harmony for the same amount of time. If I go to 'watch tv' from the harmony remote I can play YT videos fine from it, but it is laggy and the picture quality is not good. I had previously been using the Smart TV function > Smart Hub > Launch YT app and it will not run out of memory or get bogged down nor require a box reboot. So Smart TV is optimal.

So tl:dr - launching YT app from 'Watch TV' function I can watch YT at lesser video quality | Launching YT app from 'Smart TV' function, YT loads, I can browse videos but when selecting play the video hangs with the looping loading icon and never plays.

After browsing some on Tom's I saw that some users suggested a reinstall of YT but I cannot find how to do that. When I access my apps list from Smart TV, YT doesnt even show up on the list...quite strange. Ive tried holding down the "OK" button on the Harmony remote but that doesnt give me any options, just launches YT.

Seems like a really stupid do i reinstall YT. If this isnt the best fix, what do you recommend?



Does this YouTube option from the remote launch the ap in the TV or does it start a web browser? What happens if you use the TV remote to start the app? How did you do this before you started using the Logitech remote? If the app is not in the list you may need to go to the app store for the TV and install it.