YouTube search seems broken

Mar 14, 2019
Youtube seems to have updated their search algorithms this year and now the YouTube search is really broken now. It does not matter what you type in the search box or how much you add to the search box !! It all random stuff now showing up, And endless scrolling just to find any thing close to what you type in the search box.

The search box seems to be base on recommended videos not what you type in the search box or how many extra you add to the search box to get closer to the search example ford charger vs 1980 ford charger.

A year ago it was working okay.

It is not just YouTube search that is broken now even Google search seems to be broken now!! Seems to be base on google recommended not what you type in the search box.

I hear AI is getting better every day they say, yet search is still using 15 year old technology and getting worse!!

Anyone else here having problems with YouTube search being broken? Is it like this in other Youtube domain countries to?

Is there any third party add ons I can use to search YouTube or other web site to search YouTube?


the Youtube filters make no sense, search for videos in this month and they often show year old videos.

Length also doesn't always work, ask for 20+ minute videos and you get short ones still

See what happens when you own the market, you can get sloppy and without competition, there is no reason to make things work

I spend most of my time here answering questions, most of which require a Google search, so yes, I noticed it doesn't always give you the results you want, it sometimes thinks it knows what you want regardless of question in many cases being opposite to search results.

Advanced search isn't much better, its no where near as good as a database search could be. I did a library tech course, I know what real search engines can do and Google is a dumbed down version.
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