Youtube slow, everything else is fast.


Dec 12, 2011
Hello there,

I have a 12MB connection, I can watch 1080p streams/movies, but when it comes to youtube, I cant even watch 240p without buffering. This happens on every device of my house. I tried the firefox plug-in to download the videos, it shows about 10kbps download.

I contacted my ISP, they said my connection had nothing wrong (even though they could be lying and throttling that specific page). Is there any way I can check this? Any advice? This happens in all youtube videos (has nothing to do with the popular/unpopular ones) Thanks.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, this has happened for about a month now, and it happens every day from 1:00pm to 11:00pm. I can load 1080p without buffering past 11:00 pm.
The fact that it happens at a regular time every day tells me that it has something to do with a scheduled maintenence of something and the most likely culpret is your ISP.
There could be others at fault but I'm thinking that it's not you unless your computer has a scheduled Windows backup at that time every day or some other setting like a anti-virus software also haveing a scheduled backup.
I think it has to do with youtube or ISP server load. 1080p needs a decent amount of bandwidth, I know for me youtube has been consitently crapping out lately, where it sits there and thinks whether it should download the video or not for the first 20-30 seconds or not. Then after about 30 seconds of initial download speed (you can see how fast the grey bar is going) it dropps off to about half the speed. I'm fairly sure it's youtube being stupid. Their flash player has been buggy as hell lately too.

it's like why the hell are you bothering to offer 1080p videos when your servers cannot support me wanting to watch them???