Question Z-97 AR No Power

Jul 18, 2019
My computer has been sitting around for about a year. Got a better laptop and the PSU started smelling like burning plastic, so I pulled the plug and said screw it, I will get new parts eventually. I just got a new PSU and graphics card for my tower, so I am setting it back up.

When I plug the computer in, the only thing I see is the power led on the mobo. No fans, no front lights, no output, and no signs of life. I have double checked, the primary power connector to the MOBO is plugged in fully, as well as the 4 pin CPU plug. The RAM is confirmed working (just took it out of a computer with the same MOBO). Any ideas? Is it a bum board after sitting around?

I think it's rather unlikely the PSU or the graphics card is to blame since they are brand new factory sealed, all though who knows at this point?
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